Thursday, 30 July 2020

Cool Blazor Snippets

I've started to create a set of useful Blazor component snippets I've been using on an application I've been developing. These should be useful in a stand-alone context. I'll add more as I create them.

Hides the content in production but renders it in development mode. 
Renders a small coloured badge top right for Bootstrap breakpoints. Wrapped in DevOnly component
Adapted from FlightFinder - this creates a greyed-out content area when the flag is set.
Hides the content when a value is null and shows a loading screen

FAQ - Why isn't my component updating when I call <code>StateHasChanged</code> ?

Blazor updates the UI using a diffing algorith in the same way as other SPAs like Angular, React and Vue. This means that it does not re-r...